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Hiring a Tour Guide in Georgia

Georgia is indeed a beautiful, diverse, and eclectic country in nearly every way imaginable. From its landscape, to its food, to its wine, to its UNESCO World Heritage Sites, our country offers something for everyone! But navigating all that Georgia has to offer can sometimes be a challenge for tourists and so we highly recommend that you consider hiring a tourist guide for your visit here! Not only can a guide help you to discover our often hidden treasures and be a wealth of knowledge, but they’ll also be able to assist you in language translations, recommend accommodation/restaurants, and safely navigate you through Georgian traffic!  Here are your options for arranging a Tour Guide for your visit to Georgia:


  1. Contact a Guide Directly



It’s absolutely normal and okay to choose a qualified guide in your preferred language and region and contact them directly via email or phone to arrange the details of your tour. The terms of payment will also be discussed at this time. Typically payment is done prior to the tour via bank transfer, credit, or cash, depending on the individual guide. Although not required, it’s customary for tourists to tip their guides at the end of the tour. NOTE! The Tour Guiding Profession is not yet a regulated licensed profession in Georgia which means that anyone can call themselves a guide. For this reason it’s HIGHLY recommended that you choose a guide that belongs to the Georgian Association of Tour Guides, which is a reflection of the guide’s educational and professional guiding level.

  1. Arrange a Guide through a Tour Operator

Tour Operators often arrange guides for tourists in order to provide them with a complete holiday package for their trip to Georgia. If you’re using a tour agency, just let them know that you’re interested in having a guide during your visit! If you’re only at the start of your preparations and looking for a tour operator, see the Tour Operators that have been reviewed and are recommended by the Georgian Association of Tourist Guides  for their high quality of service and use of certified guides.

  1. Finding a Guide in the Street

If you’re already in Georgia, you may come across people offering you tours on the street. Be warned! These are typically not highly qualified guides and they have not had to obtain any type of background check or licensure to offer guide activities. For this reason we do NOT recommend that you accept such guiding offers.